Didja see a Malaise motorcar in the wild?  They’re not that common on the roads anymore, so sightings are rare!  Didja get photo off?  Send it to us with a brief description and location, and we’ll put it up here!

A very, very tasty AMC AMX at a car night in Eaton Rapids, submitted by our very own Scott Owen!  Thanks, Scott!  This car is outfitted with period-correct turbine wheels, raised white letter tires and the AMC 360 motor which would have provided sparkling performance back in the day, but the biggest engine ever shipped in this chassis was the 304.  This nice example dates from 1979.


August 9th, 2016

Well it’s time for another SITW (Spotted in the Wild) by our own Jimmy Nacmias of NYC.

1980 Chrysler Lebaron 300.  2 dr Lebarons are super rare; a 300 version?  Fuggedaboutit.

Jimmy snapped this SITW shot late in the day yesterday while waiting at a light.  This thing is insanely super rare – a performance version of the Chrysler Lebaron, Mopar’s “M” platform based on the Aspen/Volare chassis – only bigger.  These had what was Mopar’s “big” engine at the time available – the largest version of the LA block, the 360, pounding out an earth-shattering 185 HP. Note the aftermarket trunk spoiler to keep all those ponies connected to the pavement.

It’s an unusual car – a combination of current and aged parts bin stock at a point when Chrysler had a case of the vapors pre-Lido. Here’s a better shot of the car in broad daylight courtesy of the Internet tubes:

To say we like it is an understatment!

A waterfall Imperial-style grilled was added in 1980, and the package was rounded out with Mirada CMX rims (reminiscent of Halibrands), a platform specific opera window divider and a Magnum-era “300” flag tacked onto the base of the “C” pillar as an afterthought.

Would we buy one?  YASSS!!! In a New York minute!  We’d toss a 360 stroker kit in, a 1980’s Dodge CHP suspension and a short set of gears and terrorize canyon carvers and boy racers with what was arguably the coolest luxocoupe to leave Highland Park in 1980!

August 11th, 2016

Some weeks back I was speeding through my neighborhood and damn near locked the brakes up when I saw this K car rag top parked on the side of the road with a For Sale sign seducing me from within. I was fortunate enough to have a friend with me to snap this picture in the polluted Fresno gloaming. The low asking price on this creamy beast made it a very tempting proposition. However, I know that Uncle Lido’s decapitated darling is not renowned for mechanical robustness. I drove by the next day, and like a ghost ship the car was gone. Had someone bought it, or did it merely evanesce back from whence it came ? The mysteries of malaise are a constant joy and vexation

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  1. I not only see these era cars regularly, but own 3 of them, 1972 Riviera, 1982 Riviera convertible, and 1990 Reatta Select 60 convertible. I’ll join the facebook group and add photos. What a great idea for these under appreciated cars.

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