The Yugo car is many things. A byword for unreliability, the punchline of a joke, and in the countries that were once Yugoslavia, it’s an icon of rose tinted nostalgia. Jason Vuic explores this fossil fuel burning social phenomenon with a scholar’s thoroughness and a comic’s wit. Indeed, each chapter is headed with a Yugo joke Q: Why don’t Yugos sustain much damage in a front end collision ? A: The Tow truck takes the impact and so on. However, his book about the Yugo isn’t tinged with criticism or rebuke, even though the criticisms the Yugo faced in its time are thoroughly documented. It seems to me to have been a labor of love on the part of its author and reads all the better for it. The book boasts a complete bibliography, and is very erudite but never, ever dry. If you’ve the least interest in the history of the last two decades of the twentieth century, motor cars or pop culture this book will not disappoint, indeed I will probably read it again (after Chuck gets done with it). yugo

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