It’s not a dodge – it’s  a RAM!

Soo…This is our very first feature vehicle, from one of our members, Myles Gifford.  A work in progress, bought for a measly eight hundred bucks.  Here’s Myles’ story:

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Check out the period-correct aftermarket rims and raised white letter tires!

I’ve had big Ed, a 1987 dodge d150 with a 318 engine and 727 Torqueflite for nearly two years now. How he came to be was i was tired of my old Ranger, which was always having problems. Saw this truck on craigslist after falling in love with a coworkers 1989 d100 short bed.


You could say the clearcoat’s oxidized – or you could say the truck has patina.  We’re going with the latter.  

 I sold my Ranger, then went with a buddy to test drive this here machine. It was in much sadder shape than seen here, with rotted out doors, no tailgate, missing trim and the ram head, but like a kid with money l in a toy store I bought it for 800 bucks.  


Decent gauge set – check out the 85 MPH speedo!  

I’ve done my first mechanical fuel pump replacement on it and changed wiper bushings twice, crushing my hand between the hood and cowl on the second time.


By the time this truck was built in ’87, Ford and GM pretty much owned the truck market, with Dodge eking out a tiny sliver.  It’s kind of rare as a result.  I’m guessing Myles doesn’t pass himself on the road all that often. 

It’s been a great truck.  It was once a shop truck which explains the ratty seat and carpet and was stolen, ditched and recovered in a former life.


For a work truck, it’s not that hateful looking.  We’ve seen worse.  


150 stout horsepower can be summoned with a press of the accelerator on this LA 318.  It may not be fancy, but it’s pretty darned clean for a 29 year old truck. 

Why do we like it?  A couple of reasons.  Dodge didn’t do much in the way of styling changes between 1981 and 1993.  These weren’t the cushy luxotrucks we have today, they’re simply trucks.  They were used – and used up – as a result.

In 1987 dollars, Myles paid less than $400 for this truck, and he’s damned proud of it. Beauty is oft in the eye of the owner, which makes this Ram a jewel.

Thanks, Myles, for letting us post it up!

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