Amongst other things, I put in a day a week at a local antique shop. I parked my daily driver which is a 2002 Buick Park Avenue directly in front of the place, as per normal. It was a clear, pleasant sunny Central California winter’s day. I also left my messenger bag on the passenger seat. I thought nothing of it because all it contained was last year’s day planner and some car magazines. However, it proved tempting enough to a passer by to entice him into smashing the window and helping himself to it. The real rub here was, owing to the age of the car the mobile glass places had to special order a new window and there was a rain storm on the way. I managed to get the car home and in the garage before the deluge hit but my busy life demands that I be mobile. So my ’89 Lincoln Town Car was pressed into daily service until I could get the window fixed on the Buick.

What I didn’t know at the time was that the week that would pass before I could repair the window on my daily driver would see the stalwart Town Car rack up 974 miles. That’s 974 miles in sopping wet weather from Fresno to Sacramento, from the valley floor to the snowline and back again. Through blinding mists, twisting roads, most of the Gold Country and the Delta. And guess what, all I had to do to a near 30 year old car in all those miles, and in sometimes inhospitable conditions was….Put gas in it !

The moral of the story here is, an older car can most certainly still be a practical means of transportation. Don’t be put off ! My Town Car did everything I asked of it and then some. Miles of driving in cosseting, leather lined comfort from a vehicle whose purchase price was less than the sales tax on a new Lincoln img_1912-1



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