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Vinyl tops.  Landau roofs.  Whitewall tires.  Velour.  Wire wheel hubcaps.  Anemic engines. sluggish handling.  Weird cars other people love to hate.

If so – you’re in the right place!  The Era of Malaise – from reduced compression ratios in 1972 through the dead-on-arrival diesels of the late 70’s and early 80’s to the faux Eurosport bodyside cladding of the early 90’s – we love ’em all!

After all –  somebody has to!   Look here for featured cars on a regular basis, along with history, commentary and other neato things we’ve not thought up yet.

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Reduce, reuse…Rescue

Citroen built what may well be the last real “Gran Routier” with their SM. A luscious casserole combining a silk velvet French chassis, adventurous styling and a snarling Italian motor. What could go wrong ? Read more…

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